Full Spectrum Protection

LINE-X is a protective coating applied by trained technicians. Besides the lifetime warranty on bedliners, LINE-X is stain resistant, prevents rust and corrosion, does not crack or peel, and is environmentally friendly.

The LINE-X bond is permanent and with several color options available for custom projects, the applications are endless.

All over line x coating | Full Spectrum Automotive | Kamloops, BC

LINE-X Protective Coatings are our number one service.

With a lifetime warranty on our bed liners and endless custom commercial and industrial applications, it’s not a surprise why Full Spectrum Automotive in Kamloops BC is busy assisting customers.

Line-X | Full Spectrum Automotive | Kamloops, BC

Rocker Panel Protection

Rocker panels are LINE-X’d to desired height. The rear bumper is removed to allow the entire back panel to be coated and protected. Even with mud flaps, this area still takes heavy abuse. We LINE-X both the door sills and inner doors. We feel that to LINE-X the inner doors and sills will provide superior protection of all edges and areas that will deal with heavy foot traffic. All Rockers are given a U/V top coat to eliminate fading and we can LINE-X in any color. We will guarantee our work from chipping and peeling.

Industrial Protection | Full Spectrum Automotive | Kamloops, BC

Industrial Protection

LINE-X keeps your industrial equipment running longer with less down time because it protects your industrial machinery and equipment from rust, abrasion and corrosion.